Scott Donnelly Dip FS (FP) - Managing Director

Scott has worked in Training/Customer Service for over 20 years in various industries including Banking and Finance, Hospitality and Telecommunications.  After various Senior Management roles, Scott founded TMA in April 2005 to provide quality learning outcomes for the Finance industry.  Scott is committed to this vision and determined to promote the benefits that quality training can deliver.

“People require qualifications as minimum educational requirements to work in this industry, so we developed our programs to satisfy these and also equip our graduates with the skills required to be successful.  The proof of the pudding is not in the weeks following successful completion, but 12-24 months later”.

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Keith Eddison Adv Dip FS (FP) - Senior Facilitator (Financial Planning)

Keith first began in Financial Planning in 1987 when he set up his own AMP Financial Planning practice.  After selling his successful practice in 1993, he moved into the role as Regional Sales/Operations Manager where he
developed and coached a disparate group of financial planners into the leading sales team nationally. In 1997, Keith moved to NAB to train and coach 117 Business Bankers into an effective insurance sales team.

Keith had various senior management roles with NAB including (National Training Manager – Business Wealth Management) until he left to pursue a full time hands-on training position.  Keith has been with TMA from Day 1 and is the heart and soul of the company.