FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning

“Jade’s Journey” for her Diploma of Financial Planning on TMA’s YouTube channel

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Traineeship Management Australia Pty Ltd Australia specialises in providing skill based courses, facilitated by practicing experienced financial planners in small classes, Australia-wide.

Upon successful completion of the intensive education program (conducted in two Parts), you will attain the Diploma of Financial Planning which grants you RG146 competency to provide personal advice in the related areas. However, this course offers more than just RG146 compliance training. It is designed to engage and challenge participants so that they have the skills to apply the knowledge gained in the workplace.

There are 3 learning options with TMA:

  1. Distance/Correspondence
  2. Via TMA’s Digital Learning Platform (Watch our professionally filmed workshops online)
  3. Face-to-Face workshop

Four RG 146 training courses… …that allow you to provide personal advice…
1. The Financial Planning Process

The first course sets the foundation by teaching you the financial planning process, which will be reinforced in each of the subsequent RG146 Training Courses.

2. Life Insurance

The second course will allow you to provide personal advice to clients on suitable Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Business Expenses and Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance.

3. Superannuation

The third course enables you to provide personal advice on personal and business superannuation, retirement income stream products, pensions, roll-overs and annuities. This is extremely beneficial with the new changes to Superannuation from July 1 2007.

4. Managed Investments and Securities

Successful completion of the final course will allow you to provide personal advice on property ownership structures, listed property trusts, managed investments schemes, shares and fixed interest products.

…and obtain your Diploma of Financial Planning

These qualifications are provided by Traineeship Management Australia Pty Ltd which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 21609).

Traineeship Management Australia is committed to the quality delivery and assessment of RG146 training courses that lead to the Diploma of Financial Planning.

This course is an ASIC approved course and is listed on the ASIC Training Register.

ASIC Specialist knowledge areas awarded by TMA:

Financial Planning
Generic Knowledge
Life Insurance
Managed Investments

Units of Competency

When an RTO designs a training program, it is free to structure it as it thinks best. However, the RTO is required to make sure that the training meets the required national standards. This includes the content and assessment methods used. To offer this qualification, an RTO must ensure that it covers the set core units of competency, which are set out in the Financial Services Training Package (FSTP).

Traineeship Management Australia has structured its training in a way that it believes will best suit the learning needs of its participants. The qualification covers the following units of competency. In doing so, the training meets the required standards.

Unit Code Unit Name
BSBITU402 Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets
FNSASICT503 Provide Advice in Managed Investments
FNSASICU503 Provide Advice in Superannuation
FNSASICW503 Provide Advice in Securities
FNSASICX503 Provide Advice in Life Insurance
FNSASICZ503 Provide Advice in Financial Planning
FNSCUS505 Determine Clients Requirements and Expectations
FNSCUS506 Record and Implement Client Instructions
FNSFMK502 Analyse Financial Market Products for Clients
FNSFMK503 Advise Clients on Financial Risk
FNSFPL501 Comply with Financial Planning Practice Ethical and Operational Guidelines and regulations
FNSFPL502  Conduct Financial Planning Analysis and Research
FNSFPL503 Develop and Prepare Financial Plan
FNSFPL504 Implement Financial Plan
FNSFPL505 Review Financial Plans and Provide Ongoing Service
FNSFPL506 Determine Clients Financial Requirements and Expectations
FNSFPL507 Provide Financial Planning Advice
FNSIAD501 Provide Appropriate Services, Advise and Products to Clients
FNSINC401 Apply Principles of Professional Practice to Work in the Financial Services Industry
FNSINC501 Conduct Product Research to Support Recommendations